The Thousand Faces of Dunjia


I was obsessed with Rouscha Township, who was obsessed with studying the Hidden Gate. Zhou Tongyi, who originally lived in peace with Zhou Shouyi, a parent official of Luosha Township, was unexpectedly framed by Jia Ming, the son of a gentleman in the township, and his father Jia Youwei. After being wronged and imprisoned with his father, Zhou Tong escaped by chance and encountered the dying Wuyinmen. When the elder was dying, he passed on the “A” in his body to Zhou Tong. Zhou Tong wanted to rescue his father with the power of “A”, but Watching his father was killed by the demon Bifang. Zhou Tong was rescued by Wuyinmen, and followed the Wuyinmen to learn the strange door skills and successfully passed the introductory ceremony. When the Wuyinmen wanted to help Zhou Tong take the armor, Zhou Tong found Bi Fang alone and wanted to avenge his father, but Bi Fangsheng pulled out all the “A” in his body, and his friend Little Flea died because of it. Zhou was disillusioned with all thoughts. After Bi Fang’s success, the ancient base of Wuyinmen will be destroyed. The Wuyinmen will stop the demon at all costs. At the time of crisis, Zhou Tong epiphany understands his own responsibility and dares to face the danger and no longer escape. He returned miraculously to him, and Zhou Tong finally used the powerful power of Qimen Jiajia to rescue the Wuyinmen from Bifang and saved the crisis.

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