The Swords of Storm


Shocking Sword: Sacred Mark, Ling Yun, guarded by the four major families Duan, Ouyang, Liu, and Zhou. Two artifacts are equipped with two cheats “Four Elephant Swordsmanship” and “Yinlong Jue”. To get two Excaliburs, you must first get “Yinlong Jue”, and the heavy duty of guarding “Yinlong Jue” is in the paragraph. On the family. A bloody storm of rivers and lakes started from the Duanjia Demon Gate. The left-over Duanshi’s eldest son Eleven Lang was adopted by Liu Haotian, a descendant of the four families, and raised with his son Liu Yuheng. The two brothers met Liu Linlin, a disguised princess, while Liu Haotian wasn’t going down privately. They didn’t know each other. The three chased each other to Mengxiang Tower, a brothel. Just as the beautiful Shen Yuxin was besieged by everyone, Shiro and Liu Yuheng rescued him with jealousy, but did not want to reveal the identity of Eleven Lang’s Duan. The crisis was approaching Eleven Lang step by step. Liu Haotian set them on the journey of searching for Lingyun and Sacred Sword in order to preserve Eleven Lang.

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