The Girl Allergic to Wi-Fi

Ang Babaeng Allergic sa Wi-Fi
Image The Girl Allergic to Wi-Fi

Norma, a typical teenager who is always online, created a joint social media account for her and her boyfriend to mark their third monthsary. She gets a rare illness called electromagnetic hypersensitivity, which means she can’t be around cellphones, tablets, laptops, and Wi-Fi. To help her cope with her syndrome, Norma relocates to a remote province with no signal, forcing her to have a long-distance relationship with Leo.

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1h 50m 2018 95 views

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  • English Subtitles
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  • Original title: Ang Babaeng Allergic sa Wi-Fi
  • Release date: 15-08-2018
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance
  • Release year:
  • Directors: Jun Lana
  • Rating: 0 votes