Puppy Love


High school student Shen Yihang, with his handsome appearance, also has very good academic performance in school. It is a well-deserved school grass and has captured countless young girls in the school. He once met him, an ordinary female classmate Xia Xuan. Attracted, in order to get closer to Xia Xuan, she appeared in front of her in various ways, and slowly began to show her admiration. During a volunteer service outing, Shen Yihang was ready to gather courage to express her heart, but Xia Xuan accidentally had a car accident. , Was seriously injured and was hospitalized. Through this unexpected change, Xia Xuan was completely changed. On the day of discharge, Chen Yize, the dead party of Shen Yihang, transferred to the school. When he met Xia Xuan who reported to the school, Chen Yueze identified Xia Xuan as himself. The woman who pursues constantly creates opportunities to contact Xia Xuan and accompany Shen Yihang, but so Shen Yihang also understands Chen Yueze’s heart, and in the constant struggle, Shen Yihang chooses to hide his feelings.

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