Mr. Hikita, I Am Knocked Up

ヒキタさん! ご懐妊ですよ

A couple are perfectly happy to not breed and procreate. Thus their life is a content and unselfish one. He writes and admires his wife. However, she informs him that she wants a child. They try and try, but alas are not successful. It is time to visit a physician to unlock the fertility riddle. Well, he is the culprit it seems

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1h 42m 2019 50 views

  • Openload
  • Original title: ヒキタさん! ご懐妊ですよ
  • Release date: 20-10-2019
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year:
  • Directors: Tôru Hosokawa
  • Rating: 0 votes