Koali & Rice


Widow Lin Xiumei realizes that soon after both of her sons have left home, she changes into someone who was once “needed” to an “irrelevant” person, which causes a painful confusion for her. The sudden death of Qing Er, her only friend who is 10 years younger than her, sends yet another shockwave to her. She decides to prove her worth and importance once again in her 70s before she is taken by death. With the help from others, including the guidance from Qing Er’s ghost, and the instructions from the “Goddess”, Lin Xiumei takes on an impossible mission. Will she regain the care from her family? Will she successfully find her lost self?

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1h 47m 2019 47 views

  • Openload
  • Original title: 蕃薯浇米
  • Release date: 24-04-2019
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year:
  • Directors: Yesir
  • Rating: 0 votes