Hutong Housekeeper


In the capital, Beijing, there is a special group, which is affectionately called “street steward” by the masses. “Alley butler” is not a leader, but what I pretend to be is the neighbourhood of the neighbourhood, such as neighborhood disputes, parking on the road, private construction, renovation of public toilets, environmental improvement, and care for the elderly in the empty nest. Related puzzles. Zhao Jianguo of the Guofeng Community is one of the tens of thousands of “street stewards” in the capital. With his infinite loyalty and love for the party, under the leadership of the community party committee, he learned and used the “street and village whistles and department reports” The system, one by one, has solved many old and difficult problems that have troubled the neighbours of the neighbourhood, not only brought a real sense of gain to the residents, but also presented a gracious gift to grassroots party members to the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China.

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