Gui Chui Deng Mojin


The film tells that after returning from the ancient city of Shijing, Shirley Yang took Professor Chen back to the United States for treatment, but found that eye-shaped erythema grew on his back. Hu Bayi, Wang Fat, and Da Jinya went to Gulan County, Shaanxi Province to meet Shirley Yang. The four entered a ghost mound and were almost buried in the belly of a human-faced spider. When they came out, Hu Bayi and Wang Fatzi also developed red spots. Shirley Yang took the grandfather’s partridge whistle notes and found that the Tongtian Giant Buddha Temple in the Blackwater City is likely to have the key to unlock the red spot curse-Zong Chenzhu. The three continued to advance along the Yellow River, and were introduced into the temple according to the notes. When confronting the black jade evil god, they found a treasure chest containing the dust beads or hidden dangers? Can the Mojin team successfully unveil the curse mystery of ghost-eyed erythema?

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1h 35m 2020 231 views

  • Openload
  • Original title: 鬼吹灯之龙岭迷窟
  • Release date: 02-04-2020
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Release year:
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