Good Sisters


A big chest and a big girl in the buttocks, the choice of two friends? Even if you are tired, you’ll only see it. Photographer Jun Seok and Jong Jin are close friends. The underwear advertising job is for them to be energetic. Jun Seok is often working as an underwear model with a shipwreck and has a strange time. Jong Jin introduces Junhee who photographed the other day. Jung-hee of the C-cup likes Jae-seok and Jae-seok informs the shipowner of the contact of Jong-Jin who is looking for a bridge model. Joon-seok is going to shoot Zhu-hee and underwear commercials with Jong-jin, but also shoots stockings with both the owner and the shooter. Jang Jin-jin and Ji-suk are talking about the model and they know each other’s sexual preferences. Joon Seok and Jong Jin are working together with the model resin, which is both a breast and a body. Can Jae Seok and Jong Jin meet all their sexual preferences through resin?

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1h 23m 2019 6,560 views

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  • Original title: 잘주는누나들
  • Release date: 26-06-2019
  • Genre: 18+, Adult, Erotic
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  • Rating: 3.8 5 votes