Down the Dragon


Taiping Town had a plague not long ago, and in order to appease the people, it planned to hold a land and water law meeting. The monks of Lingyin Temple, Daoji and his brother Guangliang, met a flower demon on the way, which led to the beginning of the story… came to Lingyin Temple and learned from the mouth of Chen Xianling that the child may be confused by the banshee. Liang Shiyuan was invited to try to get rid of the demon, but was played by Dao Ji, his face was dull and shameless, and he became angry with Dao Ji to catch the demon, but he lost to Dao Ji. Liang Shiyuan felt so disgraceful that he found Wan Nianqing Ao Qing and used black magic to catch the people’s children and wanted to kill Daoji. Dao Ji and Guang Liang were fighting with Qing Ye, a spew of blood broke the Qing Yao’s Yao Dan, but the Yao Dan was obtained by Liang Shiyuan. Daojie Luohan gold fell into the ordinary and surrendered to Qing Ye. Liang Shiyuan had a bad idea and swallowed the Yao Dan. Daoji design deceived Liang Shiyuan and injured Liang Shiyuan. Qing Ye also recaptured the monster dan, and finally persuaded under Daoji’s persuasion, in the end, Daoji drew Liang Shiyuan off the cliff and saved the child…

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1h 18m 2020 100 views

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  • Original title: 降龙罗汉
  • Release date: 16-03-2020
  • Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
  • Release year:
  • Directors: Hei Zi
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