Desert Legend


The little blacksmith Lv Sansi with a dream in his heart and river encounters the hero he worships without any worry, and escorts the Xichang female eagle dog He Qingyu for him, but He Qingyu tells another version. She is actually a righteous person persecuted by the Xichang. Worry-free is a running dog who betrays the righteous! There are more and more doubts, and right and wrong need Lu Sansi to make a judgment. The female hawk dog may not be a hawk dog, and the hero may not be a hero, and loyalty is difficult to discern. Lu Sansi, who has never set foot in rivers and lakes, finds that this river and lake is completely different from his imagination.

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1h 30m 2020 74 views

  • Openload
  • Original title: 大漠江湖
  • Release date: 09-03-2020
  • Genre: Action, Comedy
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